Benelli Belgium


Supernova Slug

For the first time ever, a pump action shotgun has been equipped with Benelli’s exclusive and patented Comfortech technology, dramatically reducing the recoil that this 89 mm Supermagnum chambered shotgun transmits to the user’s shoulder. Thanks to greatly reduced muzzle climb and far quicker re-aiming, the Supernova Comfortech offers greatly improved weapon control for professional applications and sets new standards for efficiency and accuracy.

Technical details

Gauge: Ga 12-3.5"
Stock and fore-end: Technopolymer
Recoil pad: Rubber double ventilation
Chamber: 89 Supermagnum
Mechanics: Pump shotgun
Receiver: Steel structure with plastic coating
Stock length trigger measured / deviation: 360 mm / LH and RH adjustments
Drop at comb: 43 mm
Drop at heel: 55 mm adjustable at 45, 50, 60
Weight: 3,550 g. approx. with 26" barrel
Magazine: 4 Magnum cartr.; 4 Super Magnum cartr.
Safety: Transverse, ambidextrous, with red ready to shoot signal
Trigger guard: Technopolymer
Sight: Adjustable rear sight


Technologies used by this shotgun: ComforTech