Benelli Belgium


Vinci Black Slug

When Benelli introduced the Vinci, it brought in a whole new concept in semi-automatic shotguns. Now that concept has been enhanced with major new features. In the Vinci Slug, Benelli's universally acclaimed inertia system has been adapted to fire slug ammunition. The Vinci Slug's free floating barrel mount (as used on precision bolt action rifles) ensures perfect balance around the axis of the barrel and delivers unrivalled ballistic accuracy. The Vinci Slug is superbly balanced, quink to shoulder and instinctive to aim. It comes equipped with a short rib and an adjustable, and high-vis front sight that makes following even the most agile prey easy.

Technical details

Gauge: Ga 12-3"
Stock and fore-end: Technopolymer ComfortechPlus
Recoil pad: Interchangeable anatomic Air Cell polyurethane
Chamber: 76 magnum
Mechanics: Vinci Inertia System
Receiver: Technopolymer
Comb: Interchangeable anatomic elastomer
Stock length trigger measured / deviation: 365 mm / Lh and RH adjustments
Drop at comb: 40 mm
Drop at heel: 60 mm adjustable in 55-65-70
Weight: 3.000 g approx with 24 barrel
Magazine: 3 round 12/76 and 12/70
Safety: Front transverse with red ready to shoot signal
Trigger guard: Ergonomic technopolymer
Trigger: Removable; trigger weight from 20 to 28 N; reversible, transverse safety; automatic anti-repeat device, automatic locking device to prevent firing unless the bolt is fully retracted; magazine cutoff
Sight: Fiber optic adjustable, half hunting track with fibre optic inserts


Technologies used by this shotgun: In-Line Inertia Driven System, Comfortech Plus, Crio System, Free Floating Barrel, Easy Aim